Wedding Photographer and Photographer’s Assistant: What is a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photographers are responsible for capturing the moment of love and celebrating the couple’s love life together, while the bride’s own personal look, style and attitude are often put into the shot.They work alongside the photographer, who must be present to capture the perfect shot.Wedding photographers can also provide the venue, make sure that everything […]

Which Wedding Photographer Is Best For You?

By Jennifer A. SmithThe article on this page is dedicated to the love of photography and wedding photography in Georgia.The Georgia Wedding Photographer Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2004 to serve the interests of Georgia’s wedding photographers.The organization was founded to encourage Georgia’s small business owners and wedding photographers to remain financially […]

The #WeddingPhotography Instagram Story: An Inspiring Photo Collection from The Beach’s The Beachy Sisters

In celebration of our first #Weds pic, here’s our Top 10 wedding photos of 2017.This year, we took the beach on the weekend of the nuptials.#TheBeach #Tampa #Pittsburgh #WEDDINGphotography A photo posted by The Beach (@thebeach) on Mar 13, 2018 at 4:33pm PDT

The Best Photography from Sacramento, CA: 2016

This year, Sacramento’s wedding photography scene took a massive step forward with the launch of the Wedding Photography Magazine.The magazine covers everything from weddings to photography workshops to wedding packages, and it’s all in the Sacramento area.The goal is to bring the best of what Sacramento has to offer to the rest of the country, […]

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