When is your wedding day? – Photographer: A wedding photographer from India, the momentous wedding photographer

A wedding photography event is like any other, it is all about the photographer.And for the moment, your photographer is the one who is going to take the photos.This is why every wedding is a moment.When you get to the point where your wedding is about to begin, your first task is to make sure […]

Why a Phoenix photographer is so popular

When I went to Phoenix in 2016, I was excited to find myself in the middle of the most intense and beautiful wedding in the country.As a photographer, I’m obsessed with capturing weddings that capture the essence of what a wedding is, and what’s so special about the city.But when I arrived in Phoenix, it […]

Oklahoma’s Wedding Photographer Wins $6M Victory

Oklahoma City photographer Kevin Johnson, a licensed wedding photographer in the state, was awarded $6 million in a lawsuit Wednesday that alleges he was unlawfully targeted by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.Johnson, whose work includes weddings for celebrities and other big names, filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking damages against the agency, saying […]

The silent wedding photographer: A silent portrait of an intimate day

PHILADELPHIA – An intimate day in a big room with lots of people in it?That’s exactly what I was looking for at the Wedding Photography Photographer of the Year Awards in Philadelphia this weekend.As part of the annual event, I was fortunate to take some pictures of my own, while also being able to chat […]

I found a new life at the altar

When I first met a lesbian couple, I was horrified.I was an old-fashioned conservative, and even though I loved them, I knew their lives were doomed.I couldn’t fathom their suffering.Then I realized they weren’t alone.And they were.They weren’t going anywhere.For the first time in my life, I could be happy and proud of who I […]

Wedding photography: What you need to know

A year after the Supreme Court upheld the right of photographers to photograph their weddings, a flurry of lawsuits have emerged over how they’re being treated by businesses and governments, and what rights photographers and businesses should have.The Associated Press spoke with some of the leading photographers in the industry to find out what you […]

Canon wedding photos are amazing!

Canon is going to take over the wedding photography business this year, but it’s not the company’s first foray into wedding photography.The company has been working on wedding photography since 2004, and Canon recently made headlines when it unveiled the Canon 30D and 30D Mark II.The 30D is a professional-quality full-frame digital camera that can […]

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