Month: September 2021

More Maine Wedding Photographers are in Danger

In a recent photo from the wedding photography industry, a bride and groom are seen with their shoes still on.While some wedding photographers may not want to put their wedding photos on social media, the photographers themselves may not be able to stop.On Thursday, an investigation by the Associated Press found that some wedding photographer […]

‘Wedding Photography: The Best of the Best’

Posted September 13, 2018 08:16:04 It’s been an incredible year for wedding photography and one that we’re thrilled to share with you!There’s no doubt that this year has been a very exciting one for our industry, with a plethora of incredible photography opportunities across the globe.So what are you waiting for?Get to snapping as the […]

How to shoot the best wedding photography in Seoul

The first wedding photography studio in Seoul has released its own wedding photography app.Rehans Wedding Photography, which was founded by Rehani, has created the app to allow couples to create the perfect images with the help of a variety of photography tools.The app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Android Market and […]

Which Hindu wedding photographer is the best?

It’s not always easy to choose which photographer you’d like to photograph your wedding in, with some photographers choosing to shoot at the very top of the market while others opting to shoot for less than a few hundred dollars.“It depends on what kind of wedding you’re going to have, you want to do something […]

How Wedding Photography Contractors Use Their Business to Help You Land Your Dream Wedding

When you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer, the best option may be your own home.And with that in mind, some of the best business deals available online come with a guarantee of a perfect wedding.“If I have a perfect opportunity, I’ll do it,” said Beth Hensley, a business owner who specializes in wedding photography.“It’s […]

Why Makiti wedding photographer is the coolest bride you’ve never seen

Makiti, Hawaii is a paradise, but there’s one place where it’s a little different: the wedding photography industry.A little over a week ago, I went to the Makiti International Airport to catch the sunset over the island, only to be met by a man in a black dress and white gloves who was trying to […]

Wedding photography company is valued at $1.8B

On Wednesday, a New York-based company called Fine Wedding Photography Inc. raised $1 billion from Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Partners, the investment bank said in a news release.It also raised another $1 million from, a digital platform launched by the company that will allow customers to upload their own wedding photos to be […]

How to Get an Astro Wedding Photography License from Your City!

Breitbart News has learned that an astro-themed wedding photography license has been approved by the City of Dallas.The license allows wedding photographers to use the Astro Lounge, a rooftop bar, to film wedding ceremonies in the Astrodome.According to a press release issued on Monday, the license will allow the photographer to use Astrodomicon and its […]

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