A stunning wedding in Charleston, SC

When Michelle Crenshaw and Chris Brown decided to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, the couple booked a day at the Cecil Hotel in Charleston.

The couple’s two daughters and friends arrived in Charleston on a Wednesday morning, only to find that they had booked an additional three-hour flight for the next day.

On Friday morning, the girls arrived, only for the plane to leave the gate before the couple could get on board.

“We were just like, ‘I just got to be on a plane,'” Crenshaws daughter, Katelynn, said of the experience.

“It was the best decision we’ve ever made.”

The girls had flown out from New York on Monday to visit their mom, who had just celebrated her first birthday.

The trip was an attempt to connect with friends and family, but it ended in disappointment.

“I was like, [I] can’t believe I missed this,” Katelyn said.

“A flight is supposed to be the best time for people to celebrate.”

Crenschaws daughter said she and her friends didn’t know how long they would be staying on the trip.

They were only able to book their flights to the Bahamas for two days, then head to Charleston for their first official wedding anniversary.

“If it was any other time, it would have been perfect,” Crens said.

The two-day trip to Charleston, South Carolina, took an emotional toll on the Crensiks.

Katelyns father, Chris Brown, who was not able to travel with his daughters, said they were in “total shock.”

“We were like, this is it, we’re leaving here,” Brown said.

Crenshiks daughter, Courtney, said the trip was a “great opportunity” for the girls to meet friends and get to know each other.

“They were a lot more comfortable than we thought they would,” Crianhes daughter said.

Courtney Crenscheys mother, Marcy, who flew in from her home in Maryland, said that she and Crenses father, Mark, were thrilled to be able to be a part of their wedding.

“He’s always been very supportive of our family,” Crians mom said.

Mark Crensches wife, Stephanie, said she had been planning for two years to attend the wedding, but was excited to get to be there.

“This was the first time that I could really get to see my kids as happy as we are,” Stephanie Crensis said.

As the two-week wedding approached, the Crianses said they didn’t realize how big of a deal it would be for their families.

“The first time we were really sad, but when we got home and we started looking at the wedding calendar, we were like it was the most important thing in the world,” Stephanie said.

Brown and Crianks mom said they weren’t ready to get married just yet.

“That first week was really hard,” Brown recalled.

“Our lives had to change for this to happen.”

The wedding was a huge hit for the Crians, who were able to attend several events with the bride and groom.

Crians father, Dave, said he and his family were so excited about the wedding that they rented an additional hotel room in their hotel.

“My dad has to fly on a couple planes,” Cries father said.

They said they planned to take their daughters to the wedding the next week.

“In the end, it’s all about our girls,” CRensiks mother said.

Chris Brown said the experience was “pretty cool.”

“I’ve always been really supportive of my family,” he said.

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