A wedding photographer in Germany was jailed for posting a wedding photo online without a license

A photographer in the western German city of Freiburg has been sentenced to a year in prison after being caught with images of his wedding that were not properly licensed.

The incident occurred in August last year, when the photographer uploaded a photo of himself in his studio, where he had not previously been allowed to work.

Prosecutors said the image of the bride in her wedding dress, which was taken from the back of the reception hall, showed no permission to use the image.

Prosecutors alleged the photographer, who has not been named, had no license to use photographs taken from his own private premises and that he was also violating the law by posting the photos without permission.

The trial has seen several cases of wedding photographers using their own private studios and photos on the internet without permission and with the aim of being able to sell them online.

In the case of the Freiburger case, a court decided that the photographer had infringed copyright by posting his photos in a public forum without a licence.

The court also found that the wedding photographer had not acted with due care in obtaining permission from the local licensing authority.

The photographer was given a year’s sentence.

The case came to light in a news article on the blog of the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ).

The reporter who published the article, who requested anonymity, said the case was “completely out of line” and the photographer was “very lucky”.

The photographer has said that he is a married man and that his wedding photos are for his wife and children.

He told the newspaper that he “had not been able to obtain permission” to use his images on the site and that “it is very strange that he should be able to use my pictures without permission.”

The case also has drawn criticism from some social media users, who have taken to social media to complain about the wedding photographers license.

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