How to capture the romantic and romantic moments of your wedding photography session

I can’t really blame the bride and groom for their reluctance to be photographed.

They have their reasons for being, and I can understand that.

But I’d rather be photographed and filmed for our wedding photography.

It’s my job to make sure we’re capturing the essence of the occasion, and my job is to make the photographer’s life a little easier.

But my job as a photographer is also to help my clients and friends.

So that’s what I’ve got to do.

The first time I took my first photos of a wedding reception I went to the venue with a camera in my hand.

I was nervous and nervous.

But then I realised the wedding reception is a very personal and intimate experience, and you can’t make anyone happy.

And that’s not a bad thing.

I have a lot of friends, both married and single, and they can’t get enough of my photos.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to share them with the world, even if they don’t want to be the subject of it.

They’re the people you’d expect to get excited about a wedding.

So I’m not worried about it, but I do want to share some of the pictures with you all so you can have a go yourself.

Here are my tips for the best wedding photography sessions for your home, workplace or social media event. 


Make sure the photographer is well-informed about your wedding ceremony.

This will ensure you can capture the emotional connection and the intimate moments the wedding will have for you. 


Set your camera up correctly.

A professional photographer will know where to set up the camera, and will also know how to capture a wedding properly. 


Make a list of all the important things you want to capture.

I usually include a photo of the wedding, an outline of the event, a list with the most important details like when the cake is to be put on, who is to attend, what you’re going to do after the ceremony and a list if you’re planning to have any guests. 


Know your surroundings. 


Plan your time, budget and get a good lighting plan.

Make your wedding reception a highlight of your day, so you’ll know how much you have to spend on lighting. 


Be honest.

Be upfront with the photographer and let them know if you don’t have the time or money for their lighting or if they won’t be able to do the job properly.

Make it clear you want them to get it right. 


Don’t let your wedding photographer down.

When you’re not in the presence of your best friend and your partner, don’t expect to see them.

They should be able take the photos with you.

You’ll have to be careful with the lighting too.

Be wary of the way they set up their camera and set up a backdrop, but remember, you’re still going to be there. 


Take the photos you need.

I always use the “just take it” approach, and that’s a good one to be in.

I’ll be looking to capture as many as possible, so I don’t miss anything. 


Make notes. 


Have fun and remember your photographer.

You have to give your photographer some credit.

The images they’re going for will be what they want to make them happy, and if they have a problem, they can talk to the photographer.

 It’s good to ask the photographer if there’s anything they can do to make your day a little more enjoyable.

More tips for weddings: How to get the perfect wedding photography shot article This article originally appeared on The Life of Photography blog.

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