How to capture your wedding day with this amazing wedding photography app

This post was written by Lauren, who has been married to the awesome Dan since 2009.

The bride is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her stunning dress is the icing on the cake.

Lauren loves to shoot weddings, and when she couldn’t find an affordable wedding photographer, she decided to jump into the business of photography.

Dan, who she calls her “baby sister,” has been photographing weddings for the past decade, and has been a source of inspiration for her.

“I think the whole wedding thing is a huge thing for me.

I think it’s my passion.

It’s what I’m passionate about.

I’m a little bit of an explorer and a little weird about it,” she says.

Dan’s love for wedding photography started when he was a kid, when he started to get into the hobby as an apprentice.

“The hobby took off in my early 20s, and it kind of took off for me, too.

It was like a natural progression of my career.

I went from a full-time employee to a full time photographer, and that was it,” he says.

“It was a pretty neat transition.”

For Dan, wedding photography is his life.

“There are so many wedding venues, so many beautiful moments that you can’t capture on a wedding photo, and you can have a great wedding and have a lot of fun and have fun with people, but at the same time you have to photograph that moment and photograph that event in a way that captures the best of what the person is about, which is love,” he explains.

“What you want to capture is the emotion of that moment.

You want to be able to capture that moment of the couple in the moment.

It all comes down to the subject matter and the camera, and how you want the image to look.”

Dan says wedding photography can be intimidating, and a lot can happen during the planning stages, but he thinks it’s worth it.

“In some ways, I think we all have to learn how to be more approachable, because if you’re too approachable and too intimidating, people will not come, and then it’s a total disaster,” he concludes.

Lauren has been doing wedding photography for a few years now, and she’s really enjoying the process.

“You really have to work at it,” says Lauren.

“If you’re not in the right mindset, then it can be very difficult.

You don’t know what’s going on in your head and what’s not.

You have to be approachable to the camera.”

You can find more of Lauren’s wedding photos on her website, but if you want a sneak peek into her process, she says she will be releasing a new book of wedding photos and wedding videos soon.

“These are my personal favorite wedding photos, and I hope they’re a little easier to understand,” she explains.

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