India’s wedding photography boom is turning the tables on its western rivals

India’s bride-to-be Arun Wedding Photography, the only bride-of-the-day bride-and-groom in the country, has been hailed as a cultural pioneer for turning a tradition that has traditionally taken years and cost millions of dollars into a single photo that can be snapped in a matter of minutes.

The Mumbai-based photographer, who has more than 5,000 weddings under his belt, said his recent campaign to sell wedding photography in the West has had a big impact on the wedding industry in India.

The wedding industry is a niche business that is not only small but also very small, he said.

“People are not ready to go out and buy wedding photos.

We are now trying to change that,” said Wedding Photographer of the Year Arun.

His campaign started with the sale of wedding photos and wedding photography accessories, which cost between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 10 lakh.

“I am happy that I have been able to sell the wedding photos I have made, and it has turned into a huge business.

We now have a market of more than 1.5 million wedding photographers and have sold almost 60,000 wedding accessories,” said Mr Arun, who is now the founder of the wedding photography business.

The campaign started by selling wedding photography and wedding accessories, Mr Aruns website says has had an impact on wedding photography sales in India and he has seen huge results.

“A lot of people had a wedding or wedding ceremony and they did not know how to take a photo, but we have done a lot of research, we have built a website and started selling wedding photos online,” said the 34-year-old photographer.

“This has made people realise that wedding photography is a hobby and that they have to be patient, and I hope that more people will start doing this,” he added.

The business started selling online in October last year.

Mr Arumay said his campaign was successful because he was able to reach out to more people, particularly to the younger generation.

“We have a lot more than 25-year olds, and they are ready to be photographed and photographed happy.

I hope they take a shot,” he said, adding that his website was selling wedding wedding photography equipment to people who are not professional photographers.

“They can get their photo done instantly. “

In my business, I have more than a hundred clients and I have seen how people can get the wedding photo done in just a couple of minutes,” said Arun who is currently working with the company to build a digital wedding photography platform.

“They can get their photo done instantly.

If I can help make them happy, I think it will be a huge hit,” he explained.

His website says the campaign has helped increase sales of wedding photography gear, which is currently worth Rs 100 crore.

“The biggest challenge that we face now is finding good wedding photographers.

Most of them are doing the same thing as I do, selling wedding gear online,” he noted.

I think people will find wedding photography to be an interesting career path.” “

Nowadays, people have come to know that there are many ways of making a wedding and wedding wedding accessories.

I think people will find wedding photography to be an interesting career path.”

Wedding photography has traditionally been seen as a risky business.

“It has been a risky and dangerous business, but I think we have been changing the perception of wedding and it is now a good business,” Mr Aruna said.

The idea behind the campaign, he explained, was to bring the image of a bride and groom to life and make wedding photography more accessible to the young generation.

He said his goal is to make it a viable career in a few years.

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