Muskoka Wedding Photographer Wins $1.5 Million at Nwi Photography Awards


(AP) Muskokas photographer David Ziegler has won $1,500,000 for winning the first-ever Muskogee Wedding Photographer of the Year Award.

Ziegler’s images have won awards from both the American Society of Magazine Editors and the Muskogees Magazine of Photography.

The award, given annually to photographers who capture the best in style and craft, is presented by the Musky Businessman’s Association in honor of photographer David B. Zieglers 100th birthday.

Zigler said he was proud to be chosen for the honor.

He said his photographs are “authentic, original and powerful.”

“My aim is to make beautiful memories for people.

I don’t care if they’re married, single, or a couple,” he said.

The wedding photographer won the first award at the 2015 National Wedding Photographers Association’s annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Zigler’s photographs were selected from a shortlist of over 700 submissions.

The awards are presented annually by the American Magazine Association, which is based in New York.

Zeeberg said the award is a “golden medal.”

“I’m thrilled and humbled to have this honor,” he added.

“I’ve done a lot of amazing things over the years, but this one is special.

It means the world to me.”

Zieglers wedding photography has won awards for both the magazine and the photojournalist.

He won the Pulitzer Prize for his work at the New York Times in 2012 and 2013.

Zieger is the nephew of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Michael Ziegles, and he has photographed weddings for over 20 years.

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