Saints unveil the first-ever NFL ‘garden’ wedding photography

A new type of NFL photography is expected to be introduced this year as the Saints announced Tuesday that it will debut a new type in the team’s stadium garden photography.

New Orleans Saints’ training camp is scheduled to begin July 14.

It’s the first time in franchise history that the Saints have made a formal announcement about a new training camp.

The team has been making the announcement every year since it began doing so in 2008.

In 2015, the Saints started the year with their own garden wedding photography program, which included players like running back Adrian Peterson and defensive end Jairus Byrd.

The Saints also introduced the team-wide Garden Photography program last year, which was the first outdoor event in franchise-history.

The Saints’ Garden Photography team has taken photos with every Saints player during training camp and preseason and posted them to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

It was announced in April that the team would launch a separate Garden Photography website in 2017.

This new program will not be the same as the team website, which will continue to feature exclusive pictures of players from each team’s training camp program.

The site will feature an archive of all of the Saints’ garden photos and highlights, as well as all of their individual training camp photos.

The Garden Photography site will be run by the team in partnership with Instagram, which also is a part of the NFL Network.

The Instagram team has had a presence on the Saints training camp site for several years now, and has also hosted a number of Saints training camps over the past few years.

It is a partnership with the Saints that has allowed the Saints to offer their players exclusive photos in addition to the team photos.

This partnership with Twitter has allowed fans to share the Saints garden photos directly with the team and with other fans and teams around the world.

The Garden Photography feature will allow fans to post photos and videos directly with Saints players and with the rest of the team.

The website will be free for Saints fans to use.

New Saints’ head of communications, John Jiggins, said that the Garden Photography will not just be a new feature in the Saints indoor training facility.

It will be part of an overall training facility that includes the practice fields, locker rooms, practice fields and team offices.

The website will also include the Saints current training camp schedule, which can be found on the Garden Photo Instagram page.

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