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The Best Photography from Sacramento, CA: 2016

This year, Sacramento’s wedding photography scene took a massive step forward with the launch of the Wedding Photography Magazine.The magazine covers everything from weddings to photography workshops to wedding packages, and it’s all in the Sacramento area.The goal is to bring the best of what Sacramento has to offer to the rest of the country, […]

A stunning wedding in Charleston, SC

When Michelle Crenshaw and Chris Brown decided to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, the couple booked a day at the Cecil Hotel in Charleston.The couple’s two daughters and friends arrived in Charleston on a Wednesday morning, only to find that they had booked an additional three-hour flight for the next day.On Friday morning, the girls […]

India’s Wedding Photographer’s Career Journey

By Kate Rauppenstine,BloombergBusinessweekIn recent years, Indian wedding photographers have been getting more and more attention as their skills improve.Their photography is also getting better, as India has emerged as a top-five photographer destination for wedding photography.And this is no accident.India has become one of the world’s top wedding photographers thanks to the rising popularity of […]

More Maine Wedding Photographers are in Danger

In a recent photo from the wedding photography industry, a bride and groom are seen with their shoes still on.While some wedding photographers may not want to put their wedding photos on social media, the photographers themselves may not be able to stop.On Thursday, an investigation by the Associated Press found that some wedding photographer […]

How to capture your wedding day with this amazing wedding photography app

This post was written by Lauren, who has been married to the awesome Dan since 2009.The bride is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her stunning dress is the icing on the cake.Lauren loves to shoot weddings, and when she couldn’t find an affordable wedding photographer, she decided to jump into […]

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