The Best Photography from Sacramento, CA: 2016

This year, Sacramento’s wedding photography scene took a massive step forward with the launch of the Wedding Photography Magazine.

The magazine covers everything from weddings to photography workshops to wedding packages, and it’s all in the Sacramento area.

The goal is to bring the best of what Sacramento has to offer to the rest of the country, and the new issue has been praised by readers and critics alike.

We spoke to photographer and author of the magazine, Paula Lee, to find out what made Sacramento’s weddings special.

Paula Lee: What is a wedding photographer’s job?

A wedding photographer is a professional, dedicated photographer who loves to photograph and share her craft.

In our industry, this is a unique position, because it requires a great deal of dedication and an innate love of photography, which is what we have at our core.

We don’t make a living out of it.

We make a lot of money from it.

Our job is to make sure that everyone has an amazing day, and that everyone feels their unique wedding day.

And I think that’s what the magazine does.

We’re very passionate about this profession, and we really want to tell a story about weddings and about the joys of having a family.

So the stories are always very personal.

It’s also very interesting for us, because we’re both photographers, we both love photography, and in our careers we’ve always worked on projects together, but I think we’re going to do this more professionally in the future.

So, I think in the near future, we’ll definitely be a little more involved in the community.

Q: Why did you choose to launch a wedding photography magazine?

A: It was very important to me to start this magazine because it’s very important for us as a photographer to share our craft and we have the passion and passion for it.

And, at the same time, I also want to help other photographers who want to learn how to be photographers and get involved.

We have so many great photographers who we work with that have come up through our program, so it’s really important to us to have an ongoing dialogue with them and share that expertise.


How did you get the idea to do a wedding magazine?

A. It was a year ago, we had a very successful year in terms of wedding photography.

We had one of the most successful seasons in our history, and then the media circus surrounding the 2016 election was really hard on the industry, so we thought, if we can do something about it, we can change the perception of weddings and help people see that photography is more than just about wedding pictures.

Q.: What were some of the highlights of the 2016 calendar?


We were really fortunate that we had the incredible support from a number of sources.

I would say the biggest highlight was the amazing response from the people of the Bay Area who gave us a lot to shoot for.

That’s a special part of my job, to get to see people’s reactions and hear what their feelings were.

We got to photograph a bunch of weddings in the Bay, and there were a bunch that were the highlight of the year, but it was the most exciting part for me because I wanted to see how these couples reacted.

That was a really fun and challenging experience, but also a really great opportunity for us to see what people really thought of us and what they really wanted to shoot.


How do you think the media coverage of weddings has changed since the advent of digital?

A.: I think the Internet has changed weddings dramatically, because the media hasn’t really captured it in the way that it did.

And the media didn’t even try to capture weddings, and now we’re able to see that through the digital lens.

I think it’s a good thing.

People have been able to capture these special moments in their lives, and people want to share them, and I think wedding photographers have a responsibility to make it easy for people to share their weddings, so I think digital has been a great opportunity.


Are there any specific factors that make a photographer’s wedding more or less successful?

A., I think all of these factors are important, but the biggest one is that people are more aware of what they can achieve when they have a little bit more experience, and they’re more aware that they can make the most of their time.

That can lead to a happier day.

It can also lead to an even happier day, because now people are so aware of their bodies and their body image.

They know they can be beautiful, they know they don’t need to wear makeup and their hair can be longer and their clothes can be more flattering.

And that’s a lot more fun to photograph.

Q.; What are some of your favorite weddings?

A.; I love the fact that we’re so happy to be a part of weddings, we’re happy to share the joy of

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