The Perfect Wedding Photographer, by Mark Gwynne (Image)

This is a story about how a couple decided to have a wedding photography wedding, and how the photographer ended up being a bit of a jerk to them.

They were in town to visit friends, but the photographer was a bit picky, and they decided to rent a wedding photographer’s studio to shoot the event.

They rented it for $10,000 a month, and the studio was completely booked.

That was around $5,000 per person, and because the wedding photography industry is extremely small and hard to scale, they rented the space for a fraction of the cost.

But then the photographer decided to call it quits.

“We had a very good day,” said the couple.

“And we were really happy with the wedding, but we were not happy with him,” they added.

“He was not good at being in charge of anything, and we had this great relationship with him.

But he started to say, ‘Well, I think I’m not going to be here long,’ and he hung up.”

The couple then went to their friends, who asked if they could rent the space to get back together and start a family.

“The wedding photographer was very nice, and he did everything right,” said Jennifer.

“But he also told us, ‘I’m going to call you in January,’ and we were like, ‘We’ll never do this again.'”

The couple were so confused and confused, they asked the photographer for advice.

“You know, this whole time we were hoping that he would be there for us,” said Jen.

“I mean, we were so happy that he was going to come to the wedding.

But we were thinking, ‘If he’s not coming, we’re going to just go home, and then we’re not going back.'”

But the photographer went on to say that they were going to have to go back the following year, and that he wanted to make sure that the bride was there to support them.

“It was really hard for him,” said Jay.

“Because he had already taken care of the bride.

He was very, very kind and helpful.

But at the same time, we just felt like, what’s the point?

We have a lot of kids now.

We have two kids and we’re just trying to get through this.”

But the couple told their friends they didn’t want to go through that.

“They said, ‘Oh, well, I’m sure he’s fine,'” said Jay, who had the wedding shoot down in a fit of jealousy.

“So we just wanted to tell them that he’s just going to make things better.”

They also shared that the photographer’s friends were really supportive.

“There was nothing we could do about it,” said Kay.

“His friends were like ‘Yeah, well he did that well, so you know, you guys do what you want,'” she said.

“That’s just how it goes.

You’re in this business, you make mistakes.

You get over it.”

The wedding photographer said he had a message for the couple: “You do your best, and you’re happy with your experience.

But, if it was not for you, we would have never been able to get together.

We would not be together.”

Jennifer also shared a message of support.

“Please know that I know how hard it is to make a life together and to be married,” she wrote.

“Even if it wasn’t for you and me, I know we’d have made something out of this.

But you are wonderful people, and I love you for everything you do.”

And the photographer added a message about how he hopes to take care of his business.

“This business is important to me, and my kids are going to need me,” he wrote.

“[It’s] the best job I have ever had.

I love the whole family, and everything I do is to please them.”

We’ve reached out to the photographer, but have not heard back.

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