The Wedding Photographer Who Made It All About Me

I remember it as if it was yesterday.

It was in December of 2007 when I met my future husband and our wedding was about to happen.

My then boyfriend had moved to Sydney and was staying at a hotel with us, while I was staying in London.

At the time, I was working at a cafe, and we had decided that we would be going on a weekend visit to Sydney to celebrate our new relationship.

So I rented a hotel room in the Gold Coast and set off on the first of my three weekends to Australia.

When I arrived in Australia, I couldn’t get my phone number, so I was left with only one option: contact the person I had been seeing for a week.

I contacted the man and said that I was going to get my picture taken with him for an upcoming book and that he would photograph me at his hotel and then post the picture on Instagram.

I was very nervous, and I was nervous that I would get a bad response.

Instead, I got a very positive response.

He said he was willing to do the shoot for free, and that I could get in touch with him directly if I had any questions.

So, I wrote a message and told him that I had booked a hotel to shoot with my husband for a couple of days, and then we would meet up in the hotel room and get the picture taken together.

It all seemed so straightforward and normal, and it all seemed like such a dream come true.

That day, he said that he was going for a photo shoot with me in the back of the hotel suite.

He asked if I would be willing to let him sit on my lap while I did the shoot.

This was when things started to go wrong.

On the day of the shoot, we were sitting in the lounge area of the room and were discussing my wedding day.

He was in the kitchen and I in the bedroom.

I asked him what we should do, and he said, “Well, I think you’re going to have a great time, so let’s do it.”

I asked if he wanted to go in for the photo, and, sure enough, he asked me to sit on his lap and take a picture.

But as I sat there with my head on his knee, I started to feel anxious and confused.

He asked if we could move away from the room so that he could photograph me on the other side.

I felt uneasy because I was worried that he might think that I wasn’t in a good mood.

However, he did ask me to go back to the room to change, and as soon as I returned to the lounge, I felt completely relaxed and had a great day.

I have since met my husband and we have become very happy together.

A year later, I went back to Sydney again to meet my future wife.

I had arranged a photography shoot for the two of us in the Hotel Royal Sydney, which was an awesome, romantic location.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the photo shoot that I wanted.

I wanted the photo taken with my boyfriend.

Luckily, my ex-boyfriend agreed to take me to meet him, so that we could meet and get to know each other better.

After the shoot was over, I took some pictures of him in the lobby, and in the same room as my husband.

I also took a couple more photos of him on the balcony outside of the Hotel.

He told me that he and I were in love and had been dating for about a year.

In the photo he sent me, I had to do my best to cover his face, and my husband was holding his phone, so we didn’t see much of each other.

As I was taking the photo with my ex, I said, “I don’t think you have a wedding photographer in Australia,” and he started crying.

I just started crying myself, and was thinking, “Oh my god, I have to stop this now.”

But then he asked, ‘Why are you crying?’

I told him, ‘”Because you want a wedding picture with your boyfriend, and now I’m afraid that you might think I’m just a photographer who is just here to photograph the wedding.

And you have to give him a wedding photo as well, because you can’t get one in India.'” 

 In the end, the photographer took the photo and we got the photo together, and both of us got married the next day.

It was the happiest day of my life.

I thought I was finally going to meet someone who I could truly be with.

The story of my wedding, though, doesn’t end here.

I now live in a very beautiful, beautiful city called Mumbai.

There, I now have my own business and I’m also in my first marriage.

It’s amazing

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