Wedding Photographer Gets Impersonated as A Wildflower

A bride and groom in their 20s have gone wild to create an Instagram account with the hashtag #weddingspringday #wedspringdaycelebration, a campaign encouraging people to celebrate their wedding day by photographing it from the back of a bus.

The bride and her husband, Ryan, and their guests had planned to travel to Nashville, Tennessee to shoot a wedding ceremony from their backseat.

The bus, a Ford Expedition, was not equipped to accommodate the event.

Instead, they decided to go wild, and they began to upload pictures from the front, in a style that captured the atmosphere of their day.

The couple said that it was “a wonderful moment,” but they were not able to capture the moment they wanted, the bride wrote on their blog, “They were too excited to be honest.”

The bride’s account has since been shut down.

Ryan and his fiance, Brittney, told ABC News they felt their account “gave them a unique opportunity to make their own wedding photos.”

Brittney said the idea for the hashtag was sparked by the wedding photographer she worked with at her former employer, a local wedding photographer named Mike.

When Brittney had her wedding dress designed, she realized she could use her own photos for the gown, so she thought she would use her husband’s photos for their wedding reception.

Brittneys wedding photographer told ABC, “We were both in shock.

We had never done a wedding.

We were just in love.”

She added, “When I asked him if he wanted us to do it, he was like, ‘Absolutely.’

It was something I hadn’t thought about.

We felt we were going to do something special for our wedding day.”

Britton said she was surprised by the reaction.

“The whole experience was amazing,” she said.

“It was the craziest thing we’ve ever done.

It was just a really, really crazy thing.

We didn’t have the experience or training, so we just kind of went in there and did it.

We just got really good at it.”

Brittle says that they were “blown away” by the amount of people who commented on their account and encouraged others to join in.

They also received a few offers to use their photos for weddings.

“We’ve had quite a few friends ask us to send them some,” Brittney said.

She said they have received “over a thousand” photos and are “lucky to be in the same room as the wedding guests,” and said they plan to share more of their photos with their wedding guests.

Ryan said they also received “a lot of support” from the people who have taken the photo, and said it was a “blessing to have” their account closed.

“I can’t say enough good things about it,” he said.

Britton and Brittney told ABC they will not be able to use any of the photos from their wedding, and that they plan on using some of the other photos from the trip.

They will not share the ones they take for the bridal shower.

“We’re going to keep it private,” Brittneys bride said.

“They’ll never see our wedding photos, and we won’t use any wedding photos that they’ve taken.”

The couple plans to continue with their trip, but added that they will still keep a wedding journal, which is their “last hope.”

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