Wedding photography from Muskoka, Saskatoon

In a town known for its traditional farms, a photographer took a new approach to wedding photography in Saskatoon.

Photojournalist and photographer Chris Garlick from the Muskowkia River Valley of Saskatchewan has been documenting weddings in Saskesota for more than a decade.

“The wedding photography community in Saskatchewan is extremely small,” Mr Garlik said.

“I think the only way to capture the uniqueness of a wedding is to capture it on film.”

Mr Ganglick said his photos were captured using a digital SLR camera, which is not an uncommon way to document weddings.

“We shoot a lot of weddings using cameras with an external lens, like a lens that is mounted to a camera,” Mr Gillick said.

In this example, the bride and groom are photographed standing on the same stage, a wedding photographer would use a telephoto lens, which gives them a wider field of view.

Mr Gillik said the photographers chosen for this shoot were chosen based on their passion for weddings.

“They’re very much focused on capturing the moment and capturing that moment as best they can,” he said.

Mr Gathling said he and his team of about five people travelled to Muskawas wedding photography district to capture this unique wedding in the river valley.

“It was amazing to be able to shoot weddings in this way,” Mr Risler said.

The bride and the groom were photographed standing in front of a large waterfall, and Mr Gillicke said the image captures the essence of a traditional wedding.

“For me, it was very important to capture those moments as we stood at the waterfall, as we looked up and watched the wedding,” Mr Mee said.

Ms Garlack said her first wedding photography assignment was to photograph the bride standing on a rock, in the hope that she would be able take a photo of her at the end of the day.

“As I took the photos, I kept thinking, how would this look if I took that photograph today?”

Ms Gathick said the bride was happy to accept her bridegroom’s invitation to a wedding.

Ms Rislers family said they are happy for her to be taking the shots, as they are proud of her work.

“She’s taken this photo for the first time, and she’s really excited to share it with all the other people in the community,” Ms Ristles said.

“I hope that people will enjoy these images, and that the community will get a better understanding of the beauty of this place,” Ms Gillick added.

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