What the hell is going on in this wedding photo

The bride is wearing the traditional dress, a black and white blouse and black skirt with an elegant red bodice.

But what about the bridegroom?

This photo is from a wedding in Italy that is very much the modern take on the classic wedding ceremony.

Here is what we know about the ceremony: The bride takes the white and red rose from the altar.

The groom holds the bouquet.

They hold the two roses in their hands and place them on the altar for the blessing of the marriage.

They then hold the bouquets in the middle of the aisle and the bride and groom walk to the front of the church and kiss them in a moment of mutual celebration.

Then the ceremony is over. 

This wedding photo was taken at a wedding ceremony in Italy.

The ceremony itself has been around for decades in many parts of the world, and is considered one of the most traditional ceremonies.

But this ceremony was very different from traditional weddings in many ways.

First of all, there were no flowers on the table.

Instead, the bride sat on a chair, the groom sat on the other side of the room, and the other two stood in front of them. 

Instead of flowers, the wedding venue had a set of black plastic tables that were covered in black cloth and placed in the center of the chapel. 

There was also no lighting in the chapel, and it was pitch black.

The altar itself was also pitch black, and even though there was a priest standing outside, it was dark inside. 

The ceremony was also very short, and almost all of the ceremony was conducted from the bride’s side of a large open space. 

Here is the ceremony itself: After the ceremony, the couple walked down the aisle.

The bride then took her bouquet to the groom.

The wedding party walked back into the church, where they placed the two bouquettes in front to kiss them.

Then the bride left the chapel and walked into the dark and pitch-black church again. 

I have no idea why this ceremony is called a “marvel wedding” but it has to be one of my favorites from a traditional wedding. 

It took place in Italy, and this photo was shot at a local wedding in Milan. 

You can see some more of the amazing wedding photos at Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017, which will be announced in December. 

And, as always, stay tuned to Bleacher for more wedding photography and photography inspiration. 

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