What’s the difference between a wedding photographer and a wedding planner?

Zimbabwean photographer and wedding planner Ravi Nangarwala’s career started when he moved to London, where he was introduced to photography and photography-making by his uncle, an acclaimed photographer.

“I loved the idea of getting involved in photography as a way of sharing my family’s story and I was always very keen to do it,” he said.

In 2013, Ravi set up his own business, Wedding Photographers Zimbabwe, and opened a studio in the British city’s fashionable Kensington district, where the first ever wedding photography studio opened in January 2017.

He began working as a wedding designer with clients in 2013, and now runs his own wedding photography business.

“My clients come to me with their vision, and I do my best to work out a plan for them,” he told The Huffington Store.

“It is a big part of my job.”

The wedding photography industry in Zimbabwe is a booming one, with a growing number of wedding photographers and wedding planners working in the country.

In January 2017, the government announced it was building a new photographic museum in the capital, Harare, which would house more than 20,000 photographic plates and digital equipment from the country’s rich wedding traditions.

In the next few months, the country is expected to host an annual wedding photography competition and launch a tourism office to promote tourism.

“The wedding industry has developed a lot in the last few years, and it is growing very quickly,” said Ravi.

“But I think this boom is the most exciting in the history of the wedding industry.”

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